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Positive Messages To Inspire and Encourage

 CHRIS SKINNER is a motivational speaker, author and counselor. He is one of the most heroic people of his generation.  Chris received recognition for his remarkable work with audiences of all ages as the recipient of the 2007 National Spinal Cord Hall of Fame’s “Emerging Leader Award” and the 2013 “Courageous Man Award” presented by the North Carolina Boys Academy. Chris Skinner has inspired millions across the world with his poignant presentations of “The Ultimate Learning Experience.”   His book is available in print and eBook formats in Chris’ Bookstore.  Be sure to read the whole story!

Challenge your group to put their own experiences into perspective. Inspire them to work through adversity, make positive choices, and achieve their goals.

Whether your audience is a student population or under-motivated employees, lives will change as Chris demonstrates the true meaning of a “life without limits.”

For further information continue reading About Chris  and be sure to watch our Videos and go to Chris’ Bookstore.

 “Life Matters…Make it Count.”— Chris Skinner

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