About Chris

Chris Skinner / motivational speakerCHRIS SKINNER is more than a motivational speaker, author and counselor.  He truly lives by his mantra,”Life Matters, Make it Count!”

This determined young man has shared his story of tragedy-to-triumph with over hundreds of thousands of students, teachers, business leaders, professionals, religious congregations and people from all walks of life.

In his poignant book, The Ultimate Learning Experience, and through his presentations, Chris tells his story of how he went from an athletic college student to living life as a complete C5-C6 quadriplegic paralyzed from the chest level down through a series of poor choices. Now, as Chris meets the challenges of life as a person with severe physical disabilities, he believes life is all about our choices and decisions.

Chris tells his audiences all over, “Each and every one of our choices molds who we are today, and ultimately molds who we are going to become in the future. Each and every one of our choices can and will make a lasting impact on our lives forever.”  Watch our Videos to see Chris in action.

With a universal message of inspiration, motivation, and hope, and with a gift for communication, Chris touches every member of his audience making a lasting impact.

Chris has a special charisma, and a way of meeting audiences where they are and speaking directly to what matters most to them. He is funny, compelling and absolutely the most passionate speaker your organization will ever engage. When Chris rolls into an engagement, make no mistake, he is there to change lives.

“Believe it and you’ll see it. Know it, and you’ll be it.” Chris inspires with more than words. His message comes from a fire deep in his core that compels him to speak to as many people as he can and to save as many lives as possible. Chris sees each engagement as an opportunity to inoculate his audience against poor choices and decisions that can waste a life.

There are no goals too great to be achieved. There are no obstacles too overwhelming that can prevent you from being all that you can be. Chris’ campaign against the mental disabilities that hold us back is what fuels his passion.

Chris offers four different programs, each with a message that will make the maximum impact on your group. Regardless of your organization or group, Chris has a program that is a custom fit. To find out more about Chris’ individual programs and find the one that is right for your group, click HERE.

When planning your event, call the one person who is guaranteed to deliver the dramatic results you want to achieve. Change the lives of your audience. Forever have them think twice before making a poor choice. Equip them with the commitment to take responsibility for their decisions and live their best life. To contact us for scheduling information click HERE.


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