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The Ultimate Learning Experience 

From Tragedy To Triumph

In this dramatically honest account of his accident and recovery, national award-winning speaker, Chris Skinner, shares how he triumphed over a devastating personal tragedy to fulfill his dreams.

Millions of students, educators, business leaders, medical professionals, religious congregations and people from all walks of life have heard Chris’ presentation, which many consider to be the most inspirational motivational message they have ever heard.  The Ultimate Learning Experience details the events of Chris’ transformation from accident victim to husband, father, counselor, and motivational speaker to millions.

“I now have what I lacked earlier in my life; mental and spiritual strength.” -Chris Skinner

Put your own experiences into perspective with Chris’ message.  He challenges you to work through adversity, make positive choices, and achieve your goals.  Instead of a tragic accident, make the defining moment in your life the day you met Chris Skinner through his book.

Discover Chris’ secrets and learn how to:  

  • Use the power of positive choicesin determining your success in life.
  • Claim personal responsibility as the key to controlling your destiny.
  • Recognize and overcome negative influences as the to key to keeping your life on track.
  • Avoid high-risk behaviors such as drugs and alcohol that are guaranteed to destroy your dreams, your life, and your happiness.
  • Overcome the worst disabilities, which aren’t physical, but mental.
  • Fulfill your dreams by believing the simple truth of “Yes, I can!”

Both the e-Reader and desktop formats include an extended photo gallery of Chris’ recovery and his current life.


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