Back on the horse

It’s time to get back on the horse! You deserve it! I need it and a journal is supposed to be just that, a journal! A consistent flow of thoughts and events that are written down about one’s life. Typically these journals are private but after reading some of my journals I really haven’t been too introspective. I’ve decided to continue with the old ways in which I wrote my journals but also in between those journals just write some thoughts, feelings, or events down to keep you up to speed with my life and to keep myself journal. So thank you for convicting me even though you probably didn’t know you did convict me. Just to make it clear the word conviction in Webster’s dictionary definition number two means: the act of convincing a person of error or of compelling the admission of a truth b : the state of being convinced of error or compelled to admit the truth. Are you willing to admit that you’re being convicted of something right now and are not acting on it! meaning that you know that you are either doing something wrong or you should be doing something period, but you are laying idle to that in your life. If that’s the case it will be really hard for you to grow as a person. Just a thought!

So a lot has gone on since my last post! We are now living in Dallas, Texas where I am attending Dallas Theological Seminary. I am doing a lot of focusing on Christian Education and How the Church Can Better Serve Persons with Disabilities! I have no idea where God will LEAD me, but I’m excited! I am also still continuing my speaking which as you can read is a major passion in my life. There is nothing better then being a part of radically changing people’s perspectives and ideologies ultimately changing their lives. I want to personally thank each and every student, parent, teacher, pastor, and or anyone else who has contacted me since my last journal entry and encouraged me or let me know how they had been encouraged through the experience’s and testimony of my life.

It is SO absolutely amazing and humbling how so many people go out of their way to write an e-mail. Thank you again! I look forward to this upcoming year and all of the speaking engagements that are already set in place. And I look forward for all of the speaking engagements that are still going to take place, but haven’t even transpired yet.

This is such an exciting world to live in! Let us cherish each breath, because we never know which breath could be your last!

God Bless! Chris

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