Celebrate Today!

Celebrate Today!

Well there is some very exciting news in the Skinner household! Suzie and I have been going through the in vitro fertilization process for the past year and a half. The first time that we went through the process we had a negative result and it was very difficult. For those of you who don’t know very much about the process, it is very long and very difficult especially on the women. My wife has to take all types of medicines and give herself shots for months which make her sick as can be. Then we have to go into all kinds of medical procedures in order to give the fertility specialists everything they need in order to try and make the process happen. After they in-plant the embryos you just sit back and have to wait for two weeks and then everything ends with a simple phone call. The doctor or nurse calls you and can tell you in one sentence either “yes” you are pregnant or “no” you’re not! The first time when the doctor told me that the test results were negative it was devastating. Telling my wife that everything that we had been through (especially what she had been through) was a negative test and that she was not pregnant was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

The second in vitro cycle was amazing from the beginning. Our attitudes were much more realistic and positive from the get go. We gave all of our fears and insecurities to God. We essentially gave God the entire process and decided that we were going to trust that He was in total control and knew the best for our lives. The first amazing thing that happened was that our insurance denied paying for all of the fertility medications. These medications were going to cost us over $5,000. The day before my wife was supposed to start the shots the doctor’s office called us and told us that they were just going to give us the medicine for free. It was awesome! It was a Godsend! We felt totally blessed! We continued through the process and took things one day at a time. The next awesome thing that occurred was that when I went for my procedure to extract sperm the doctor told me before I went in that he was not going to charge anything for the procedure. I immediately praised God! It was amazing. They charged us NOTHING!

After all was said and done we went in for the implant! The doctor implanted three embryos and we knew again that it was out of our hands. Again, my wife and I gave our situation over to God and trusted that he knew what was best for our lives. I am happy to report that we are not only pregnant (praise God), but we are pregnant with twins! Today we are headed to Wake Forest hospital to hear the baby’s heartbeats! My perspective on life has totally changed and I feel as if the past 26 years of my life has just been a warm-up. Now I feel life is just getting ready to begin.

Six years ago I almost died! When I woke up one of the first questions I asked, after finding out that I was paralyzed from the chest down, was whether or not I would be able to have children. Today my wife is pregnant with twins, and that is what I get to celebrate! I don’t know what tomorrow has in store for me and I don’t really care right now! Today is what I have, and today is what I will celebrate! I encourage you do the same. Celebrate today, it is all you have!

God Bless! Chris

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