Life…According to HIS Purpose

Your church congregation has never heard an inspirational testimony quite like this one. With a dramatic digital presentation, Chris demonstrates the awesome power of God to work miracles through anyone and everyone. In this amazing story of faith, your congregation will fully understand:

  • A walk of faith is filled with joy and purpose
  • The smallest decision can have a life-long impact
  • God’s will can change us for the better
  • We can all live a life that matters

Audiences come away with a new appreciation for the gift of life and the value of the decisions we make. Chris will leave your congregation with a complete understanding of what it means to live Life…According to HIS Purpose.

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3 Responses to Life…According to HIS Purpose

  1. pepaw says:

    The most powerful force on earth, LOVE, is distributed to each and every one of us through the sincerety of his talks. YES, LIFE does have a purpose and you will appreciate yours even more after you hear Chris. I do!

  2. Amanda Puckett says:

    You came to my high school this morning, Freeman High school, and you were amazing. Took the floor and owned it. If people weren’t moved now, I have a feeling that your message and story will hit them at a later time in life.

  3. Mrs. Burnsworth says:

    Yesterday you spoke at Salem High School in Virginia Beach, and I brought my most challenging class to hear you. One of the female students, a repeating freshman, made a comment when we returned to class that I want to share with you. This young lady stated that hearing you made her realize there are things she is doing that she needs to STOP. Those were not her exact words, but her words were sincere and from her heart.

    Chris, thank you for your devotion to speaking across the country to educators, youth, church congregations. I pray you are continually blessed for your service.

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