Speaking to 6 Local MB High Schools!!

I am writing today to talk about how incredibly excited I am to have an opportunity to speak at six local Myrtle Beach High Schools! It’s not because I don’t have to travel as far even though that is nice. The reason is due to the fact that we have had many many young men and women that have passed away here in the last six months! It is one of the saddest things I have heard about in a while!  I know from first-hand experience what it’s like to lose someone you love as today is the anniversary of when my family lost my brother 7 years ago! I can’t help but think about all these family members in my own community that are grieving the loss of these extremely young (15, 16, and 17-year-olds) students who had amazingly bright future ahead of them! Not to mention they had possibly 70 years of life in front of them (that in a snap of a finger was taken from them) as they left this earth and was also taken from their families! This is exactly why I still do what I do! I was heartbroken when I read the newspaper and watched the local news for the last six months! There were a couple of car accidents just over the Christmas break that took the lives of  (I believe) young beautiful human beings that were well-liked and instrumental in so many ways!  

This is exactly why I continue to speak and share my story of how I  should have lost my life! People always ask me how I could be so happy and positive as a person in a wheelchair paralyzed from the collar bones down!  Well, God spared my life and I have been able to continue on with living my life! It is drastically different, but I get to continue on for whatever reason! And I will tell you now as long as middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, or whatever other type of group would like to hear me share my presentation about how life matters and we should all make it count I will continue doing this job! Because as everyone knows due to the fact that as you grow up you see around you close friends or individuals that we all went to high school, college, or we worked with, etc. and up passing away and if you pay attention closely many of them (especially when you’re younger, but not necessarily, have a lot to do with the choices we make while walking around or rolling around this planet Life is precious and it’s a privilege! I am praying right now and hoping with all of my heart that at these six local high schools coming up I can somehow make a difference in some way to where each and every one of these students will take what I have to say seriously and start to pay attention to their choices so that their chances on this earth will dramatically in living a very long and prosperous life! Although I have not met any of these students I love them with all my heart and I am hoping and praying that seeing me confined to this wheelchair, paralyzed from about the high chest level down, will be a good visual aid and a reminder of how precious life really is and how fragile life really is to where people care enough about the decisions they make while going about their life!

Let us all hope and pray that a difference is made not only in these six schools but in the schools coming up that I’m going to be speaking at and anyone who is happening to read this right now. Life is too short on this planet and we all need to take that very serious! It is a precious privilege to be able to be alive each and every day and we shouldn’t waste any time arguing or complaining or anything else other than love while we spend our time alive here on earth!

Life matters, so please, please go out and make it count! 

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