Speaking at TU…What a Joy!

On October 16, 2012 I spoke at Towson University! At first all I knew was that I would be speaking to the wonderful world of student athletes, fraternities, sororities, and it was also open to all student as well! Now typically when I speak to student athletes and fraternities, it is mandatory so I know that there will be there. When most schools open the speaking event to the regular student body there aren’t too many people who are willing to freely spend their time just chilling listening to a speaker talk about choices, consequences, alcohol, distractions, addictions, academics, and drugs. I was pleasantly surprised when I rolled out in front of a bunch of bright eyed students who, in my opinion, were full of opportunity and potential! I learned a long time ago that even if just one student attends there is an opportunity to change the world. The impact of that one student who can go out and make a difference in the world of others and so on and so forth! Isn’t it beautiful the way the dominoe effect works!

Thank you Towson for the many great discussions after the presentation…and the impact each of you made on me. I feel like I made many new friends.

Be Blessed!

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