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Once again it has been way too long since I have written anything at all in my journal! But interestingly enough I see that the last time I wrote a journal was when I surfed for the very first time! Since that time a lot has happened where I am happy to write that I have my own adaptive surfboard, and I have surfed over a handful of times and had a great time every single time!! I am now sponsored by a surf brand called CJI (cool just is), in which you should check out their website at www.cooljustis.com! It’s a surreal thing to think about really as it is a faith-based surf brand that just stands for all the right reasons! Just living in Myrtle Beach trying to continue and live my life by giving back to others and glorifying God!
I want to thank all of those who’ve been a part of my life that have played any small part in helping my speaking career for the last 13 years! It is unbelievable to me that it is already been that long and that I am still so incredibly excited about what I do! In fact, I believe it is safe to say that I am more excited and fired up to share with students and anyone willing to listen this amazing journey that my life has taken me on so far! For those who don’t know I was torn out of the vehicle about 750 yards from the destination in which we were going to and I was left paralyzed from about the collarbone area down (c5 quad). The amazing part about all of this is when I reflect upon what has happened since that time of being paralyzed 14 years ago and realizing how much good has come from not incident or the way that I have chose to react to it! I believe life is all about choices and this is exactly what I love to talk to students about. I use a PowerPoint presentation that has pictures of me as a full able-bodied individual playing sports and doing all the wonderful things that life has to offer most peopleā€¦..then I take them on my journey!!speaking

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