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Motivational speaker, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Speaker, Inspirational Speaker;

These are some of the labels I call myself and have been called by other individuals. It is interesting, because really I just feel like Chris! I mean I know that we have to have these particular titles in order to have an organization to continue to function, and people to be able to track us down in order to make all of these awesome events possible. But still I just feel like Chris. I made a bunch of bad decisions and I ended up paralyzed physically, but just because my physical appearance has changed doesn’t mean I don’t feel like Chris. I mean I definitely understand now what those little blue handicap guys mean, because they give me up front parking and front row seats at a concert or event that I attend (that is pretty cool)!

I am writing this probably due to the fact that I haven’t blogged really since last August, but also because I find myself sometimes feeling desensitized to the actual importance of the witness and/or presentations that my assistant and myself strive so hard to fulfill week in and week out. I mean if you think about it, I have stared at the same pictures and same mistakes while talking to individuals for the past eight years now. That is a long time to talk about, look at, and flat-out represent the ridiculous choices that I made in my life. It gets really tough sometimes. In fact the longer I do it, the more emotional, and tiring it is! I am sure you understand this as we all can look back on our lives and beat ourselves up because of mistakes were choices we made in the past. We know it’s not worth it, and we know it’s not healthy, but sometimes we just let our minds wonder! We all need some sort of motivations to snap out of it and keep going about our paths!

So for me then there is the e-mails! I am talking about the e-mails in which students and many other individuals take the time to write me their appreciations and thoughts concerning the presentations. Man I cannot tell you how gratifying and motivating they are! If I am ever feeling down I just pop open some of these e-mails and start reading away! I just recently spoke at North Canton Hoover High School in Akron, Ohio and have received many special e-mails! There was one e-mail in particular (which I will not give up confidentiality) that literally reached through the screen and touched my heart!! I mean there are all kinds of crazy things that happen in all of our lives. You know what I am talking about! All of those trials and just crazy things that try to bring us down and make us lose focus on what is the most important thing in life! Well that is definitely going on in my life right now! It is just one of those times in which you feel like the walls are falling down around you. Everywhere you look in every place you turn things are just a little bit more complicated for some reason!

After reading this particular e-mail I immediately snapped out of my little poor little me attitude and have jumped back on the horse again! I definitely want to say thank you to everyone who has ever written me any e-mails, and especially to you know who!! I have always loved people, and I am so grateful and privileged to be able to be in the company of so many individuals’ lives all over the place!! Things do happen in mysterious ways, and they are not always the way we want them to happen, but life really is good as long as we’re able to wake up and breathe!

I hope and pray for a prospective change in your life today! I know I need one everyday!

God Bless! Chris

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