Surfing the Cup Full

The past year has been a time of trial and suffering for my wife and I, but the dust has now settled and by the grace of God we are now living a dream! As most of you know I spent the majority of my life living at the Outer Banks of North Carolina! It was absolutely hands-down one of the best times of my life! In fact, when Suzie and I got married we always would talk about how we would end up at the beach at some point in our lives. Well, that point of our lives has arrived and we now live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! There were so many supernatural or divine things that had to occur in order for this amazing dream to come true and to make a long story short I’m sitting here in the sun room of my home enjoying everything the beach has to offer. It really is amazing how people‚Äôs dreams really do come true every day in people’s lives all over the world! Which leads me to ask you are you a type of person that believes that cup is half empty or the cup is half full? I can tell you from personal experience of believing both that when I concentrate on the cup being half-full (which for me is usually when I am following the Holy Spirit the way I should as a Christian) then my entire world is amazing! When I say that it’s amazing, it doesn’t mean that I’m not paralyzed anymore, or that I am not in pain, suffering, still paying bills, or having difficult trials while alive at all. It is just an active choice that we all are capable of making because after all life is all about choices! Once again each and every one of us make hundreds and maybe thousands of choices each day that mold who we are! How was your attitude today? What choices can you start making right now that will turn that cup to half-full?
Last Saturday I made a choice that has changed my cup to being half-full! I have been having some back problems that were sort of bumming me out a bit. Well I met this gentleman named Brock who is involved with an organization that dedicates itself on helping individuals with disabilities get together and play different sports adaptively. Last weekend the organization went surfing and I was invited. To make a long story short I got out in the water and went surfing for the 1st time in 13 years and it was absolutely amazing. It was incredibly cathartic and allowed me to really reset and focus on the choices I was making in my life. I have been feeling great all week long and I have also found a new hobby in surfing! Again I ask, is there any choice that you can make right now that can help turn your cup half full during the difficult times and trials we face in this journey of life? If you can think of something then I encourage you with all my heart to go-ahead and do it as long as you have thought about the worst possible consequences before you make your choice!
Last Monday I spoke at Radford University and had a great crowd as I enjoyed sharing my story with the freshman! Thank you for having me again Radford University! It is always great to have the honor and privilege to speak into the lives of the future of our world. Attached is a picture of me surfing!

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  1. Sam Fabian says:

    Hi – I work for Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters in Norfolk Va and was given your name from one of the schools as a potential speaker. So, as I got to know you better, through your web site, I came across this post and was touched. My son is a surfer and is writing a book about his surfing experience and the peace it gives him. So, I was very touched when I read your post as I continue to appreciate the sport for the heavenly peace and joy it brings people. I hope to be in contact soon.

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