Tragedy and Hope

Today I am excited as I think about my upcoming speaking engagements! I am so grateful to those who are going to give me the opportunity to speak some truth and reality into some student’s lives! I hope and pray today that those students whom will hear me speak will be receptive and somehow, in whatever way they need to be motivated to change or stay on the same path that they will seize the opportunity! There are no promises in life! I think all of us see this every single day as news comes to us of great disaster and tragedy! I think right now as I am writing about all the people in Haiti and what they must be going through! How terrible and how devastating! My heart goes out to all those families who have been affected by this tragedy! It is so far from us yet so close! A tragedy like this just happen to us in various different forms when we think about it like 9/11, hurricane Katrina, the shootings at Virginia Tech, the kidnappings, the murders, and the young and beautiful who are taken at an age in which we feel are not supposed to go that early! It is true that tragedy is in our own backyard. It is true that the possibility of tragedy is right in front of us every second of our lives! That is why it is so important to live life wisely one choice at a time! As you know I believe life is all about choices and it is! All of us are a product of the choices we have made and we will be products of the choices that we will make! I sit here today trying to focus on the choices that I will make today and I will ask you to join me in doing the same! Let us rise up today and every day and make the best decisions that we can possibly make so that we can live the longest lives that the good Lord will allow!

God Bless! Chris

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