Featured speaker at Cave Springs High School, Roanoke, VA

“It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Mr. Chris Skinner for your school’s next guest speaker. Chris is an amazing young man who will simply energize your students to make better decisions in life.”

“Chris was a speaker for us during our Red Ribbon Week Campaign this year and was by far the most incredible speaker I have ever listened to and by student’s comments, he was the best they had heard as well. Chris does not lecture students. He does not pass on a bunch of cliches and does not give a “Just say No” speech. Chris Skinner talks to students. He talks to students just like they want and need to be talked to. Never did I feel like I was hearing a speech, but I felt as if I was actually just listening to Chris tell a story to me. The entire student population of Cave Spring High School hung on his every word and followed along with his story of decision making and little life lessons.

“As a drunk driver accident survivor myself, I could relate with Chris’ feelings and his message. But Chris was able to speak to everybody in such a way that everybody could relate to his story. This was evident by the line of 50 to 75 students who stayed after to share with him their appreciation for his message and his time.

“Again, I can not say enough to recommend Chris Skinner for your next student assembly. He will no doubt have the same impact on your students that he had on ours. If your next assembly is one that you will want to remember forever, do as Chris would say and make the right decision, and make it count!”
Randall J. Meck
Activities Director

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