Featured Speaker at James Island Charter High School Orientation Night

“On behalf of James Island Community Education and the James Island Charter High School, I would like to express my appreciation to you for sharing your powerful message with our students and community. As I talk with students, faculty, and community members, I can see the depth of the positive impact your visit has made upon them all.

“We constantly share with our students that they will be faced with many choices and temptations throughout their journey in life and it is ultimately their decision as to what path that journey is going to take. That their decisions impact not only themselves, but branch out to friends, family, and loved ones as well. Your story put the exclamation mark on this and conveyed the importance of making wise decisions in a way that we had not been able to achieve. Your story and inspirational spirit really helped set the tone and create a positive atmosphere for our new school year. As the faculty comments on the new feeling in the atmosphere and attitude in the students, I know that your story and message share a large part of the responsibility for that.

“Again, thank you for providing such a wonderful learning experience for our community members and high school students at James Island Charter High School. You are truly an inspiration and gift to this world. Continue to spread your message to inspire others to make this world the best it can be.”
Steve Kugelman, C.T.R.S.
Director, James Island Community Education
Charleston, SC

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