Responses from Parents…

“My boys were both very moved by the morning’s assembly. In fact all my b-ball carpool boys said that it was the best assembly they had ever attended. My son went up afterwards and spoke briefly with Chris to thank him for coming and was clearly impressed with his strength, character, and honesty. Thank you for bringing him to the Collegiate Community!”

“I had the opportunity to meet Chris last Wednesday when he addressed a group of parents at Norfolk Collegiate School. In my professional life, I encounter public speakers on a regular basis, however, Chris stands out in my mind as exceptional for several reasons. He is approachable. Despite his immobility, and the uncertainty that individuals often have regarding it, he disarms you right away, addressing it in his presentation. He is comfortable addressing a wide spectrum of age groups. In the parent’s presentation, he made a connection with us too. Most of all, what I think sustains and animates Chris is his passion for what he is doing. All he would like to do all day is talk to young men and women about the effect of decision making on their lives. In my view, the time for Chris Skinner is now.”

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