The Ultimate Learning Experience

Millions of college, high school and middle school students know why Chris Skinner’s The Ultimate Learning Experience is considered the most inspirational motivational message on the student circuit.  Students have been moved to change their choices and change their lives after hearing Chris deliver this spellbinding presentation of his personal story.

In The Ultimate Learning Experience presentation, Chris covers:

  • The power of choices in determining how our lives progress
  • Personal responsibility and good decision-making skills
  • Overcoming negative influences
  • Avoiding high-risk behaviors such as the use of drugs and alcohol
  • The importance of academic achievement

While Chris reviews the decisions he made that put him in a wheelchair for life, he delivers the most powerful message for responsible choices that your students will ever hear. Using a PowerPoint presentation with graphic visual images from before and after his accident, he walks his audience through his own Ultimate Learning Experience.


Yes, You Can!

Chris Skinner was awarded the 2007 National Spinal Cord Injury Association’s Emerging Leader Award for a very good reason. After hearing Chris’ incredible story of overcoming devastating disabilities, thousands of disabled persons have been inspired to say,“Yes, I can!”

Using a PowerPoint presentation of graphic images from his own personal struggle to survive and thrive, Chris shows us how much we can really do. As human beings we all possess the ability to reach deep down inside of ourselves to fulfill whatever dreams, ambitions, goals, and desires we have.

This presentation is frequently given at conferences for individuals with disabilities. During these presentations, Chris focuses on:

  • Disabilities and the negatives surrounding them
  • How disabilities can be both physical and mental
  • His philosophy on fulfilling your dreams
  • We can all live a life of meaning and purpose

This program, with it’s powerful message of overcoming adversity and obstacles in life, has had a profound impact on disabled Americans and able-bodied persons who are affected by mental disabilities. Chris’ message can be exactly what your group needs to learn how to say: Yes, I can!”


The Choice is Yours

In this program designed specifically for corporate America, healthcare professionals, school administrators and other professional organizations, Chris talks about the power of choice in the workplace.

With a compelling digital presentation full of inspirational photos from his own experience, Chris delivers a profoundly motivating message. He talks about:

  • The awesome privilege of life
  • Making the most of one’s life in the workplace
  • Bringing your very best, and nothing less, to the workplace every day
  • The power to chose success in your job and in your life

Chris describes his journey of returning to school after his accident with a pitiful .8 GPA, “earned” between parties. He finished his last four semesters on the Dean’s list and completed his Master’s Degree while adapting to his new life as a quadriplegic. Chris started his own successful corporation and foundation after leaving school. He is fast becoming one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the country.

Chris leaves your employees with this message: The Choice is Yours. After a presentation like this one, all of the excuses for not giving your personal best will evaporate from discussions with your staff. The Choice is Yours reinforces to your employees the power they have to be more effective in their jobs and their life.


Life…According to HIS Purpose

Your church congregation has never heard an inspirational testimony quite like this one. With a dramatic digital presentation, Chris demonstrates the awesome power of God to work miracles through anyone and everyone. In this amazing story of faith, your congregation will fully understand:

  • A walk of faith is filled with joy and purpose
  • The smallest decision can have a life-long impact
  • God’s will can change us for the better
  • We can all live a life that matters

Audiences come away with a new appreciation for the gift of life and the value of the decisions we make. Chris will leave your congregation with a complete understanding of what it means to live Life…According to HIS Purpose.


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