The Ultimate Learning Experience

More than one million college, high school and junior high school students know why Chris Skinner’s The Ultimate Learning Experience is considered the most inspirational motivational message on the student circuit. Thousands of students have been moved to change their choices and changed their lives after hearing Chris deliver this spellbinding presentation of his personal story.

In The Ultimate Learning Experience presentation, Chris covers:

  • The power of choices in determining how our lives progress
  • Personal responsibility and good decision-making skills
  • Overcoming negative influences
  • Avoiding high-risk behaviors such as the use of drugs and alcohol
  • The importance of academic achievement

While Chris reviews the decisions he made that put him in a wheelchair for life he delivers the most powerful message for responsible choices that your students will ever hear. Using a PowerPoint presentation with graphic visual images from before and after his accident, he walks his audience through his own Ultimate Learning Experience.

Download a PDF of The Ultimate Learning Experience

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One Response to The Ultimate Learning Experience

  1. W. Tabb Pearson says:


    My students and I had the honor of hearing your Ultimate Learning Experience presentation today at Salem High School in Va. Beach. I don’t know where to start in thanking you for sharing your message with us. We’ve all made bad choices or know someone who lives with the results of those choices (or died from them). It is so inspirational to see that you’ve made the decision to live your life and do something positive with it as well. My students were spellbound by your story and what you’ve done since June 10, 2000. Best wishes for continued success as a motivational speaker. You epitomize motivation. What you offer young people cannot be measured. Happy Thanksgiving to you, your wife, twins, and pooch. You have so much for which to give thanks.

    W. Tabb Pearson
    Salem H.S.
    Va. Beach, VA

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