Chris Skinner – The Ultimate Learning Experience

Chris Skinner speaks intimately about the details of his story.  Chris typically starts his speech by warming up his audience with humor and then brings it home while radically changing his listeners’ lives!


Day in the Life of Chris Skinner- Documentary

Chris takes you through a normal day for him.  His passion for his work pushes him through the hardships encountered on his journey.  You will see excerpts of his Ultimate Learning Experience presentation as well as student reactions.


Chris Skinner – Miami Beach Documentary

Chris was interviewed on Miami Beach for True TV network.  This is a portion of the interview that has been shown.  He discusses his accident and his mission to save lives.


Chris Skinner – Adaptive Surfing Myrtle Beach

Chris pushes boundaries as he returns to surfing after 13 years of paralysis.  WIth the help of a trusted team of volunteers, he feels the freedom of riding waves again.  Chris challenges us to make our lives count!


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